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Get to Know Mama Sol

Dreamed up and created in perpetually sunny (minus an exceptionally rainy 2023) California, Mama Sol is the brainchild of Arielle and Tahlia, two mamas who quickly bonded over the lack of safe and effective natural sunscreens out there.

As Mama Sol’s product development whisperer, Arielle has been immersed in the beauty industry her entire adult life. Starting as a beauty sales trainer for brands like Smashbox, Dr. Perricone, Bite Beauty, and rising to become the head of product development for Skinn Cosmetics and, most recently, the head of sales for a leading cosmetics packaging and formulation company, she’s always known one thing—that she would one day create her own product, something truly different that hadn’t been seen before.

While pregnant with her first child, shocked by how many toxic ingredients were lurking in everyday products, and after trying dozens of natural mineral sunscreens, Arielle was determined to create one that 1) didn’t make her immediately want to wash her face, and 2) didn’t leave a white cast on her skin. Oh, and it needed to be something she looked forward to using daily. No biggie.

Tahlia, Mama Sol’s operations pro, has a background in optimizing customer experience and support plus leading operations for online fashion and retail brands, making her strengths a natural complement to Arielle’s.

Together with the expertise and guidance of Arielle’s own mama, Dr. Sheri Rowen, an internationally recognized ophthalmologist and cosmetic laser surgeon, Arielle and Tahlia focused on creating a better, clean formula and Mother Earth-friendly product to stand out in one of the most toxic skincare categories. Mama Sol is a 100% mineral sunscreen that’s also a hydrating moisturizer with a youth-preserving complex and a skin-smoothing makeup primer—this 3-in-1 powerhouse makes suncare and skincare feel effortless. 

As one of the first ophthalmologists in the country to incorporate Aesthetics into her practice, Dr. Rowen has developed holistic techniques and focused on finding the safest ingredients for her patients and family, a passion that she passed down to Arielle. It’s clear that she got it from her mama.

After realizing that they had both suffered from the baby blues after giving birth, Arielle and Tahlia also wanted to create a community for moms to connect and share their stories and tips in order to normalize these experiences. It’s so important for busy parents to know that they’re not alone in juggling challenges big and small, and asking themselves daily, “Is this normal?”

Being outside and in nature is a priority for mental health—with more sun exposure, busy mamas know that skin protection is a must. Mama Sol takes the guesswork out of sunscreen and skincare, making it easier to take time for yourself and get outside with loved ones. After all, Mama Sol knows best.