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Get to Know Mama Sol

Dreamed up and created in perpetually sunny (minus an exceptionally rainy 2023) California, Mama Sol is the brainchild of Arielle and Tahlia, two mamas who quickly bonded over the lack of safe and effective natural sunscreens out there.

Arielle Moody

Mama, Beauty Guru, Product Developer

While pregnant with her first child, shocked by how many toxic ingredients were lurking in everyday products, and after trying dozens of natural mineral sunscreens, Arielle was determined to create one that 1) didn’t make her immediately want to wash her face, and 2) didn’t leave a white cast on her skin. Oh, and it needed to be something she looked forward to using daily. No biggie.

As Mama Sol’s product development whisperer, Arielle has been immersed in the beauty industry her entire adult life. Starting as a beauty sales trainer for Smashbox, Dr. Perricone, and Bite Beauty, then rising to become the head of product development for Skinn Cosmetics and, most recently, the head of sales for a leading cosmetics packaging and formulation company, she’s always known one thing—that she would one day create her own product, something truly different that had never been seen before.

Tahlia Disisto

Mama, Operations Pro, Skincare Devotee

Tahlia, Mama Sol’s operations pro, has a background in optimizing customer experience and support plus leading operations for online fashion and retail brands, making her strengths a natural complement to Arielle’s.

While attending university, Tahlia worked in customer service for e-commerce brands in the fashion and retail space, working her way to head up operations and development. She learned how to leverage customer support to build a deeper consumer relationship and increase lifetime value.

Her approach is founded on research and experimentation as the driving forces to evolve and optimize customer relationships. She embodies similar values in her new role as a mother. Disappointed by the ingredients found in the natural sunscreen she bought for herself and her then-infant daughter, she sought a better alternative.

When Tahlia met Arielle, it was an instant connection as they lamented the lack of safe, quality sunscreen options. These two determined mamas joined forces and developed a formula they’re now proud to stand by. Together, they’re an unstoppable force of nature

Dr. Sheri Rowen, MD

Mama, Ophthalmologist, Strategic Advisor

Dr. Sheri Rowen, a world-renowned ophthalmologist and cosmetic laser surgeon, has spent her career developing holistic techniques and finding the safest ingredients for her patients and family—a passion that she passed down to her daughter, Arielle. (It’s clear that Arielle got that drive and insatiable curiosity from her mama.)

Dr. Rowen trained at Johns Hopkins and University of Maryland and is internationally recognized as a Key Opinion Leader in Ophthalmology. Her specialties include Cataract Surgery, Lasik and Refractive Surgery, Ocular Surface, Dry Eye and Oculoplastic Surgery. Her holistic approach to healing began many years ago, when she learned to perform eyelid and facial surgery with CO2 lasers; she was one of the first ophthalmologists in the country to incorporate Aesthetics into her practice when she founded the Rowen Laser Vision and Cosmetic Surgery Center in Baltimore, Maryland.

It was clear from the beginning that many chemicals used in Dr. Rowen’s day-to-day practice had significant irritating properties to the skin and eyes. Specializing in care for and around the eyes, the most sensitive part of the body, she was driven by a passion to only use the safest ingredients for her patients and her own family. It was no coincidence when she and Arielle began discussing their desires to develop a clean formula for one of the most toxic skincare categories—suncare.

Two moms bond over mental health = Mama Sol is born

After realizing that they both suffered from the baby blues after giving birth, Arielle and Tahlia’s connection deepened. They shared a vision beyond creating a uniquely clean and safe sunscreen for all—to create a community for moms to connect and share their stories and tips, in order to normalize not-always-glowing pregnancy and postpartum experiences. To make an impact beyond the superficial layer we see from our screens. 

Mama Sol’s mission is dedicated to more than increasing awareness of skin health and need for daily sun protection (which is def essential!). We want busy parents to know that they’re not alone in juggling challenges big and small, and asking themselves daily, “Is this normal?” 

Being outside and in nature is a priority for mental health—with more sun exposure, busy mamas know that skin protection is a must. Mama Sol takes the guesswork out of sunscreen and skincare, making it easier to take time for yourself and get outside with loved ones. After all, Mama Sol knows best.

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